Sports report

In inter school sport I play softball for Winter.

Today we played against Greenparkways. We chose to bat first. We got 3 people out almost straight away and it was side away. It was soon side away again as we got 7 home. It was a great game, the final scores were 2-15 our way! It was a great win, and even though I wasn’t captain I was still really proud.

What sport did you play and what were the scores?

Archie Fusillo Incursion

imageUs drawing the charactersimageThat’s him teaching usimage        His Drawings

On Thursday the 23rd of July Archie Fusillo came to our classroom to teach us about writing and drawing. He was very funny and creative. He told us all about how he started off as an author and all the way through to where he is now. We drew some pictures of the characters in his books. We drew Billy – Bob, Tripod and Chook Woman. Here are some pictures from his visit.