Italian Week

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This week was Italian Week! All week we have been doing Italian themed activities such as dressing up as something Italian, the La Festa performance, a pizza and gelato lunch, and mask making with our buddies. I had a great week! My favourite activity was the La Festa performance, it was so funny!

what was your favourite activity and why?


Cause and Effect


Cause and effect

Cause and effect means something happens and the effect is the result. For example, you didn’t do your homework, therefore you have to do it at lunchtime. 

Video activity

We watch a video about two monster and one monster got a new car. They didn’t know which buttons to press though, so the car went crazy. There were so many causes and effects in that video. The activity was to make a table, one called cause, the other one called effect. We had to write causes and the effects of it. Here is my table:




My DISMOMENT this week was when we did the mini science experiments. I liked doing the volcano one the best Because it was really fun to make the volcano and to watch it erupt.

What was your dismoment and why?

Inter school sport


this morning we played inter-school. I plAyed softball.we were sUpposed to play G.K.B but unfortunately they didn’t have a team for us to play, so we just did some practice batting. It was still fun.

What sport did you play and what were the scores?

Montmorency Visit

Montmorency secondary college

Today all of the grade 5s went to Montmorency Secondary College for Leadership Day. Leadership Day is when we do all different activities to develop our Leadership skills. There were activities to do with persistence, enthusiasm, initiative, strategy, teamwork, communication and cooperation. We all had colour coded groups. My group was Mustard. 

The activities were Flying Blind, Elevation Frustation, Coin Laundry, Moving the 7 Seas, International Jewel Heist, Check in Tangle, Passport Checkpoint, Airport Dash, Translation Station and Words with Friends. My favourite activity was Moving the 7 Seas where we had to suck up M&Ms  with our straws and get them from one bowl to another without dropping it. My team got 25 and the team we versed (black team) got 16… We Won! The other activity I liked was International Jewel Heist which is like cops and robbers. I had a great time at Montmorency and can’t wait to visit again!

What Activity was your Favourite and why?