Italian Week

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This week was Italian Week! All week we have been doing Italian themed activities such as dressing up as something Italian, the La Festa performance, a pizza and gelato lunch, and mask making with our buddies. I had a great week! My favourite activity was the La Festa performance, it was so funny!

what was your favourite activity and why?


2 thoughts on “Italian Week

  1. louvan15 says:

    Hey Aleecia,
    I had a great week as well! My favorite activity was the dress up day because we didn’t have to wear school uniform. I also liked the mask making with our buddies, because it was good to see our buddies. My buddie’s mask was really good!
    From Louise.

    • alecol15 says:

      Hi Louise,
      Thanks for sharing your opinion. I liked those activities too and felt like they really helped me understand leadership. I think you would make a great leader
      From Aleecia

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