Rhyming poems



My concert is tonight!
It gave me such a fright!
I totally forgot,
I nearly lost my big shot,
To get up on the stage,
And show my amazing rage,
When the curtain goes up
And they say to the crowd “whas sup?”
I am up on stage with my friends,
And I don’t have to pretend,
This is where I belong,
Now let me dance to this song!
I’m dancing and I’m prancing,
I’m very happy with my dancing,
I’m making a big scene,
I am the dancing queen!


2 thoughts on “Rhyming poems

  1. elojon15 says:

    Hi Aleecia,
    that was a great poem that you wrote at school. I really enjoyed listening to it and I think that you did great job on it. I cant wait to listen to the other ones that you have made.
    From Eloise

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