Leadership Policeman talk


This afternoon a policeman came in to talk to us about leadership. He really help us understand leadership and how to handle it.

He told us a story about him when he was younger. He said that he was really shy and wouldn’t have spoken to in front of a big crowd because he was so shy. He told us to challenge ourselves and be confident and to reach out and grab opportunities by both hands.

He told us another story about being a police officer and that on Black Saturday the police officers didn’t know what to do so he took matters into his own hands. He knew what to do so he helped everyone do it. It started of with a small bunch of officers and then it grew into a lot more people. He said to be a good role model to the people around you so they do the right thing.

He told us another story (he told a lot of stories, which was good) about him getting  a higher role in the police force. He was told to be really confident and yell and be loud and bossy. So a colleague came late to work so he yelled at him and bossed him around lots. He said to lead by example so other people don’t do the same thing that might be a bit wrong.


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