Mrs Montgomery’s Leadership talk


This morning our principal Mrs Montgomery came and spoke to the grade 5s about being a leader. She explained to us how she became a leader and what it takes to become one.

Honesty: When you are a leader, you always have to be honest with everyone, no matter what happens.

Listening: When you are a leader, listening is one of the most important qualities to have. You have to listen to people’s opinions and listen to help your school.

Trust: When you’re a leader, you have to trust the other leaders that they will do the right thing to help the school.

Strong: When you are a leader, you have to stay strong during hard times. It builds your confidence too. You have to be mentally strong, not necessarily physically.

Humour: When you’re a leader, it is important to still have a laugh about things. This makes the job more exciting and fun.

Focus: When your are a leader, you have to focus on what’s important and what other people want. You have to remember, your making the school better by choosing the most important things.

Teamwork: I think Teamwork is the most important skill to have when you’re a leader because you are going to be working with a whole bunch of different people so you need to know how to work together. I was in the JSC when I was in grade 3 and I had to work together with lots of people, mostly in the higher year levels.

I am really hoping to get a leadership role next year in grade 6, but even if  I don’t I will still help to make the school a better place!



Italian Week

image image


This week was Italian Week! All week we have been doing Italian themed activities such as dressing up as something Italian, the La Festa performance, a pizza and gelato lunch, and mask making with our buddies. I had a great week! My favourite activity was the La Festa performance, it was so funny!

what was your favourite activity and why?





My DISMOMENT this week was when we did the mini science experiments. I liked doing the volcano one the best Because it was really fun to make the volcano and to watch it erupt.

What was your dismoment and why?

Montmorency Visit

Montmorency secondary college

Today all of the grade 5s went to Montmorency Secondary College for Leadership Day. Leadership Day is when we do all different activities to develop our Leadership skills. There were activities to do with persistence, enthusiasm, initiative, strategy, teamwork, communication and cooperation. We all had colour coded groups. My group was Mustard. 

The activities were Flying Blind, Elevation Frustation, Coin Laundry, Moving the 7 Seas, International Jewel Heist, Check in Tangle, Passport Checkpoint, Airport Dash, Translation Station and Words with Friends. My favourite activity was Moving the 7 Seas where we had to suck up M&Ms  with our straws and get them from one bowl to another without dropping it. My team got 25 and the team we versed (black team) got 16… We Won! The other activity I liked was International Jewel Heist which is like cops and robbers. I had a great time at Montmorency and can’t wait to visit again!

What Activity was your Favourite and why?



Archie Fusillo Incursion

imageUs drawing the charactersimageThat’s him teaching usimage        His Drawings

On Thursday the 23rd of July Archie Fusillo came to our classroom to teach us about writing and drawing. He was very funny and creative. He told us all about how he started off as an author and all the way through to where he is now. We drew some pictures of the characters in his books. We drew Billy – Bob, Tripod and Chook Woman. Here are some pictures from his visit.