Haiku Poems

A Haiku poem is when you use syllables in them. There are three lines and you need to have a certain amount of syllables for each line. The first and last line need to have 5 syllables and the last line needs 7. They are usually written about nature.

Super softball

I swing the bat hard

The softball flys through the air

Home-run here I come

Whats your favourite type of poem and why?

Cause and Effect


Cause and effect

Cause and effect means something happens and the effect is the result. For example, you didn’t do your homework, therefore you have to do it at lunchtime. 

Video activity

We watch a video about two monster and one monster got a new car. They didn’t know which buttons to press though, so the car went crazy. There were so many causes and effects in that video. The activity was to make a table, one called cause, the other one called effect. We had to write causes and the effects of it. Here is my table:

Archie Fusillo Incursion

imageUs drawing the charactersimageThat’s him teaching usimage        His Drawings

On Thursday the 23rd of July Archie Fusillo came to our classroom to teach us about writing and drawing. He was very funny and creative. He told us all about how he started off as an author and all the way through to where he is now. We drew some pictures of the characters in his books. We drew Billy – Bob, Tripod and Chook Woman. Here are some pictures from his visit.