This is where I will be writing weekly reflections on our group’s challenge!

week 1 reflection

Today the task we needed to do was to complete all of our three ideas and write descriptions for each idea. Then we had to choose the idea we liked most out of the three ideas. I’m in a group with Erin, Connor and Will. Our three solutions were, turning lights off every Friday after sport, recycling plastic bags and giving them to Coles, or recycling batteries. We chose the idea of collecting plastic bags and donating them to Coles. I think this will work best because it isn’t a total waste of time (unlike the light idea) and it helps the environment by not having to make any more plastic bags. We have called our group the Bag Busters! Next week I would like to get our idea approves and I would like to start writing letters and speeches. I am really enjoying this activity so far!

Week 2 reflection

This week our group’s idea got approved by Miss May! Some suggestions she made were putting photo copier boxes in each classroom to collect their bags from. Another suggestion was sticking grade lists on each box so kids can write how many plastic bags they brought in. We are also going to contact REDcycle instead of Coles about the prizes for the raffle because we found out that REDcycle was the company providing the box out the front of Coles, so we are donating plastic to them. Next week we are going to start emailing companies and writing speeches for assembly. This is fun!

Week 3 reflection

Unfortunately I was away for most of this week and I didn’t get to contribute to our CBL challenge.

Week 4. Reflection

This week we sent off some emails to REDcycle and the office. REDcycle emailed back, and their idea made us rethink our plan. It turns out we don’t need a couple of things. We also made some posters to put up around the school. This week went really well.

Week 5. Reflection

This week we continued to make the posters and we changed our CBL keynote. We got the reply from REDcycle. Our challenge will have to begin next term.

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