Mrs Montgomery’s Leadership talk


This morning our principal Mrs Montgomery came and spoke to the grade 5s about being a leader. She explained to us how she became a leader and what it takes to become one.

Honesty: When you are a leader, you always have to be honest with everyone, no matter what happens.

Listening: When you are a leader, listening is one of the most important qualities to have. You have to listen to people’s opinions and listen to help your school.

Trust: When you’re a leader, you have to trust the other leaders that they will do the right thing to help the school.

Strong: When you are a leader, you have to stay strong during hard times. It builds your confidence too. You have to be mentally strong, not necessarily physically.

Humour: When you’re a leader, it is important to still have a laugh about things. This makes the job more exciting and fun.

Focus: When your are a leader, you have to focus on what’s important and what other people want. You have to remember, your making the school better by choosing the most important things.

Teamwork: I think Teamwork is the most important skill to have when you’re a leader because you are going to be working with a whole bunch of different people so you need to know how to work together. I was in the JSC when I was in grade 3 and I had to work together with lots of people, mostly in the higher year levels.

I am really hoping to get a leadership role next year in grade 6, but even if  I don’t I will still help to make the school a better place!



Rhyming poems

My concert is tonight!
It gave me such a fright!
I totally forgot,
I nearly lost my big shot,
To get up on the stage,
And show my amazing rage,
When the curtain goes up
And they say to the crowd “whas sup?”
I am up on stage with my friends,
And I don’t have to pretend,
This is where I belong,
Now let me dance to this song!
I’m dancing and I’m prancing,
I’m very happy with my dancing,
I’m making a big scene,
I am the dancing queen!



This week my DISMOMENT was inter school sport. I played bat tennis. We had a very successful game, both girls and boys won. I did doubles with my friend Lilli and we one 4-1. Our over-all score was 15-17 our way! What a great game to start the season with! Even though I wasn’t the captain, I’m still really proud of my team!

what went well this week for you?


Today we learnt about shadows. We took photos of our shadows in the morning and in the afternoon. We traced around the shadows to mark where they were. To make a shadow, you need a source of light (the sun).

In the morning, my shadow was in front of me. This is because of the sun’s position. In the afternoon, I had no shadow. This is because the sun is hiding behind the clouds. Everything that had a shadow before had no shadow now.

I noticed that the shadows change because of the Sun’s position. The Sun makes the shadows because of the light. I learned all of this information today when we worked on shadows. These are some of the photos of my shadows.

This is my shadow in the morning.

This is my shadow in the morning.

Morning shadow

Morning shadow

This is my afternoon shadow (none)

This is my afternoon shadow (none)

Have you ever played shadow tiggy?

Shadow tiggy is when you play tiggy but instead of tagging people on their body you tag their shadow. It’s a really fun game to play with your friends!





Lunar System

Today we Learnt about Eratosthenes and the Lunar System.

We drew a picture of what we think the shapes and sizes of the Earth, Moon and Sun are. I used to think that the movement of the Lunar System looked like this…


Now I think the Lunar system moves like this. I think the Moon circles the Earth while the Earth circles the Sun. I’m not sure if this is true or not but I am excited to find out!!

How do you think the Lunar system moves and why?



Haiku Poems

A Haiku poem is when you use syllables in them. There are three lines and you need to have a certain amount of syllables for each line. The first and last line need to have 5 syllables and the last line needs 7. They are usually written about nature.

Super softball

I swing the bat hard

The softball flys through the air

Home-run here I come

Whats your favourite type of poem and why?

Winter School Sport


For the past two terms  I have been playing softball for the girls softball rockets teams. Our team had really good teamwork, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. We played some really good games, which payed off. We got in the finals and played laurimer. It was a really close game, but unfortunately we lost by one run! This meant we came second out of the whole softball district! I am really proud to be in the Rockets team and I think we played an excellent game.

What sport did you play for winter and why?